Frame Object

Default values should be used when importing an OCA format if the data can’t be read or is not available.

  • name: string, the name of the frame
  • fileName: string, the path and name of the file of the frame. It is the absolute path from the root of the OCA folder. Default: a file named layer_name/frame_name.fileType
  • frameNumber: int, the frame in the document at which the frames starts to be visible
  • opacity: float, the opacity of the keyframe in the range [0.0 - 1.0]. Default 1.0
  • position: int[], the coordinates of the center of the keyframe, in pixels [X,Y] in the document coordinates. Default: half the document width and half the document height
  • width: int, the width, in pixels. Default: the layer width
  • height: int, the height, in pixels. Default: the layer height
  • duration: int, the duration of the frame, in frames. Default: 1