OCA, The Open Cel Animation format

OCA is an open format to ease the exchange of traditionnal/frame-by-frame/cel animation between different applications.




We’re providing some implementations of OCA as add-ons for a few applications, and third-party developers have added support for it in their applications too. If the application you need is not listed, you can politely ask for it in a feature request and we’ll consider it.

App Add-on Exports Imports Comments Maintainer
After Effects DuIO - RxLaboratory / Duduf
Animation Paper Native ? Niels Krogh Mortensen
Blender Bluik Exporter for Grease Pencil planned. RxLaboratory / Duduf
Callipeg Native - Enoben
Fusion Reactor (using Vonk Ultra) - We Suck Less
Krita OCA for Krita RxLaboratory / Duduf
OpenToonz Native - Some limitations, see https://github.com/opentoonz/opentoonz/pull/4483 Dwango
Photoshop OCA - RxLaboratory / Duduf
TVPaint OCA - RxLaboratory / Duduf
XDTS OCA to XDTS converter XDTS is a format supported by OpenToonz, Tahoma, Clip Studio Paint EX and Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet. Wolf In A Bow

| Available
| In development
| Planned
- | Not supported


The OCA format is made to be simple to export/import in any application and it should not be difficult to implement it/write your own script for your application.


You may use these icons when talking about or implementing OCA.

SVG: SVG icon

PNG: PNG icon

(Right-click on the images to save them)


OCA supports the most common features of all drawing/animation software:

All these properties are stored in a simple JSON file, and the images are stored in standard image file formats: PNG, EXR, SVG

Everything is assembled in a folder which name ends with .oca. The JSON file is at the root, while the images are stored in subfolders corresponding to layers and groups.

More features may be added later, have a look at the Roadmap!


JSON Objects




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