Blending Modes

Blending modes are named after the ones used in Krita.

Depending on the application, a blending mode with the same name may have different results. When a blending mode is set in OCA, its result should be the same as the blending mode with the same name in Krita. This choice was made because Krita is a free and open source software, so anyone can have a look at how these blending modes are implemented, to be sure about what they do, and because Krita uses one of the biggest list of blending modes.

The implementation of these blending modes is described in details in the Krita Reference Manual.

To know the correspondance of the blending mode names and implementations between Krita/OCA and the most common other applications, we’re building correspondance tables (see below).

Krita Blending Modes

This table lists the correspondance between OCA Blending Modes and Krita Blending Modes.

As OCA Blending modes are based on those of Krita, all of these are exact matches and should be considered the reference implementation of them. See and the Krita Reference Manual for more information about them.

If a blending mode is not listed in this table, that means it is not supported by OCA (yet).

Krita OCA
normal normal
darken darken
burn burn
color color
dodge dodge
divide divide
overlay overlay
luminize luminosity
soft_light_svg soft_light
multiply multiply
saturation saturation
erase erase
lighten lighten
screen screen
inverse_subtract inverse_subtract
subtract subtract
darker color darker_color
easy burn easy_burn
fog_darken_ifs_illusions fog_darken
gamma_dark gamma_dark
linear_burn linear_burn
shade_ifs_illusions shade
converse converse
and and
implication implication
nand nand
nor nor
not_converse not_converse
not_implication not_implication
or or
xnor xnor
xor xor
dissolve dissolve
inc_luminosity increase_luminosity
inc_saturation increase_saturation
dec_luminosity decrease_luminosity
dec_saturation decrease_saturation
hue hue
divisive_modulo divisive_modulo
allanon allanon
alphadarken alpha_darken
destination-in stencil_alpha
hard overlay hard_overlay
interpolation interpolation
interpolation 2x double_interpolation
hard mix hard_mix
hard_mix_photoshop hard_mix_photoshop
parallel parallel
penumbra a penumbra_a
penumbra a penumbra_b
penumbra a penumbra_c
penumbra a penumbra_d
greater greater
geometric_mean geometric_mean
additive_subtractive additive_subtractive
diff difference
exclusion exclusion
negation negation
arc_tangent arc_tangent
equivalence equivalence
freeze_reflect freeze_reflect
freeze freeze
glow_heat glow_heat
heat heat
heat_glow heat_glow
heat_glow_freeze_reflect_hybrid heat_glow_freeze_reflect
glow glow
reflect_freeze reflect_freeze
reflect reflect
inc_intensity increase_intensity
inc_saturation_hsi increase_saturation_hsi
color_hsi color_hsi
dec_intensity decrease_intensity
dec_saturation_hsi decrease_saturation_hsi
intensity intensity
saturation_hsi saturation_hsi
hue_hsi hue_hsi
inc_lightness increase_lightness
inc_saturation_hsl increase_saturation_hsl
color_hsl color_hsl
dec_lightness decrease_lightness
dec_saturation_hsl decrease_saturation_hsl
lightness lightness
saturation_hsl saturation_hsl
hue_hsl hue_hsl
inc_saturation_hsv increase_saturation_hsv
inc_value increase_value
color_hsv color_hsv
dec_saturation_hsv decrease_saturation_hsv
dec_value decrease_value
saturation_hsv saturation_hsv
value value
lighter color lighter_color
easy dodge easy_dodge
flat_light flat_light
fog_lighten_ifs_illusions fog_lighten
linear light linear_light
gamma_illumination gamma_illumination
luminosity_sai luminosity_sai
gamma_light gamma_light
soft_light soft_light
hard_light hard_light
pin_light pin_light
vivid_light vivid_light
pnorm_a pnorm_a
pnorm_b pnorm_b
soft_light_ifs_illusions soft_light_ifs
soft_light_pegtop_delphi soft_light_pegtop_delphi
super_light super_light
tint_ifs_illusions tint
linear_dodge linear_dodge
add add

Adobe After Effects Blending Modes

This table lists the correspondance between OCA Blending Modes and Adobe After Effects Blending Modes.

If a blending mode is not listed in this table, that means it is not supported by After Effects and there is no approximation close enough.

✔️: Exact correspondance
❗: Approximation

OCA After Effects Note
normal NORMAL ✔️
darken DARKEN ✔️
burn COLOR_BURN ✔️
color COLOR ✔️
divide DIVIDE ✔️
overlay OVERLAY ✔️
luminosity LUMINOSITY ✔️
soft_light_svg SOFT_LIGHT ✔️
multiply MULTIPLY ✔️
saturation SATURATION ✔️
lighten LIGHTEN ✔️
screen SCREEN ✔️
inverse_subtract LINEAR_BURN ✔️
subtract SUBTRACT ✔️
darker_color DARKER_COLOR ✔️
easy_burn MULTIPLY
fog_darken DARKEN ✔️
gamma_dark VIVID_LIGHT
linear_burn LINEAR_BURN ✔️
or ADD
dissolve DISSOLVE ✔️
increase_luminosity ADD
increase_saturation OVERLAY
hue HUE ✔️
alpha_darken LUMINESCENT_PREMUL ✔️
stencil_alpha STENCIL_ALPHA ✔️
hard_overlay VIVID_LIGHT
hard_mix HARD_MIX
hard_mix_photoshop CLASSIC_COLOR_BURN
parallel DARKEN ✔️
geometric_mean MULTIPLY ✔️
additive_subtractive DIFFERENCE
difference DIFFERENCE ✔️
exclusion EXCLUSION ✔️
equivalence DIFFERENCE ✔️
freeze_reflect OVERLAY ✔️
heat_glow HARD_LIGHT
color_hsi COLOR
intensity LUMINOSITY
saturation_hsi SATURATION
hue_hsi HUE
lighter_color LIGHTER_COLOR ✔️
flat_light VIVID_LIGHT
fog_lighten LIGHTEN
linear_light LINEAR_LIGHT ✔️
luminosity_sai ADD ✔️
soft_light SOFT_LIGHT ✔️
hard_light HARD_LIGHT ✔️
pin_light PIN_LIGHT ✔️
vivid_light COLOR_BURN
soft_light_ifs SOFT_LIGHT ✔️
soft_light_pegtop_delphi SOFT_LIGHT
super_light PIN_LIGHT
linear_dodge LINEAR_DODGE ✔️
add ADD ✔️