Metadata Object

If the metadata file is not present in the OCA folder, default values should be used.


Default values should be used when importing an OCA document if the data can’t be read or is not available.

Name Type Default Description
author string "" The name of the author(s) (e.g. “Nicolas Dufresne”).
copyright string "" Some copyright info (e.g. “ⓒ Copyright 2023 RxLaboratory”).
description string "" A short text describing the document.
exportedBy string "Unknown" The display name of the plugin/addon/script which exported the document (e.g. “OCA for Krita”). The value should be "native" if the origin application natively exports to OCA.
exportedByID string "unknown" An identifier of the exporter which created the document, in a URI form (e.g. “org.rxlaboratory.oca.krita”).
exportedByOrg string "Unknown" The display name of the organization developing the exporter which created the document (e.g. “RxLaboratory”).
exportedByURL string "" A URL to the website associated to the exporter which created the document (e.g. “”).
license string "" The abreviated name of the license, if any (e.g. “CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0”).
licenseLong string "" The complete name of the license, if any (e.g. “Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0”).
licenseURL string "" The URL to the full text of the license (e.g. “”).
meta object {} Any custom metadata. It must be an object, not a value or a list.
originApp string "Unknown" The application name from which the document was exported.
originAppVersion string "0.0.0" The version of the origin application.
created string "1818-05-05 00:00:00"1 The creation date and time of the file, in the form YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.

  1. 5 May 1818 is the birth date of Karl Marx